Association & Services

The Structure & Function of VERT®


Honorary President 

Dr. Bruno Tronchetti Provera

Honorary President 

Dr. Friedrich Legerer, Wien


Lars Larsen  |  lcl(at)


Dr. Martin Ott  |  Vice President  |
Thomas Kaltwasser  |  Finance  |  thomas.kaltwasser(at)
Claas Löffler  |  c.loeffler(at)
Ian McDonald  |  imacdonald(at)
Peter Schippers  |  Peter.Schippers(at)

Scientific Board

Dr. med. h.c. Andreas Mayer  |  ttm.a.mayer(at)

Jacques Lemaire  |  aeeda(at)
Prof. Dr. Jan Czerwinski  |  jan.czerwinski(at)

Chief Executive Officer
Volker Hensel  |  volker.hensel(at)

JCA Treuhand AG - Janine Bunte  |  jb(at)



Member companies of VERT® are manufacturers of components, systems, engines, vehicles, and measurement devices. 

VERT® supports their innovations and the technological exchange in the field of emission reduction in internal-combustion engines.
Projects within VERT® provide answers and new impetus to address future technological challenges.
Thus, VERT® contributes to the high regard in which European engine and exhaust aftertreatment system manufacturers are held, which makes us the preferred contact for international legislators.

VERT® as consultant for air quality and improvement 

VERT is the competent preferred partner of public authorities, municipalities, megacities and institutions of European and international legislature in the realization of concrete solutions for air quality improvement.

As such VERT® has significant influence on the introduction and use of BAT for the reduction of emissions.

VERT® networks

As a result of excellent networking with international scientists and legislators, VERT is able to provide its member companies with relevant information and data, enabling them to evaluate business implications and opportunities at an early stage. 

At the same time, the international network of VERT®, workshops and conferences always keep our members up-to-date on the latest findings and developments in the fields of environment, medicine and technology.